Saturday, May 03, 2008

Boris is Mayor!!!!

What a victory we have to celebrate today. Boris is Mayor of London! If I was not ensconced in beautiful Switzerland I may even consider returning to the 'Old Smoke'.

I used to live in Henley-on-Thames where Boris started his political career. I was at a Conservative party dinner at the famous Leander Rowing club when Boris launched himself into my affections.

Bare in mind this dinner was full of the blue rinse brigade with only a few younger people all sat at one table (and we had been voraciously tucking into the wine) when Boris said "It is odd that I should be making a speech at the famous Leander Club, especially when I spent much of my time at university catching crabs!". Now for those non-rowers 'catching a crab' is when you catch the water on the back swing of a stroke while rowing.

Of course the double entendre went straight over the head of the blue rinsers but made most of our table spit our wine out. I must admit, it got my attention and forever had Boris down as a 'good egg'.

The fact is that this guffawing 'joke' (as the Labour party labelled him) is simply one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and London needs a shot in the arm from someone with brains.

'Red Ken', in my opinion, has been the biggest disaster for the city since the blitz. He put the 'con' in 'congestion charge' by doubling the charge if you happened to be in a meeting after 12 at night, whereas Boris will allow it to be paid the following day.

Systematically recreating the GLC, 'Red Ken' ruled London like his own socialists fiefdom piling more and more misery on the already put-on inhabitants of our great city.

Boris, obviously, will be a controversial character. He is prone to terrible gaffs and does not suffer fools lightly, however, he now has this opportunity to use his massive intellect to do something to make London great again. I doubt he will serve more than one term, but hope that while he is Mayor he will turn London around.

"I do not for one minute believe that this election shows that London has been transformed overnight into a Conservative city but I do hope it does show that the Conservatives have changed into a party that can again be trusted after 30 years with the greatest, most cosmopolitan, multi-racial generous-hearted city on Earth on which there are huge and growing divisions between rich and poor."

Go for it Boris.....

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