Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogrush -The Next Big Thing? - We Think Not.

I am always interested in new technologies or ideas that pop up on the web and have tried a few out on the web site here. I am not a techy genius so it is always a useful benchmark for whether something is user friendly or not... Basically, if I can fathom the installation of the widget or script then it must be easy.

One of the areas that we have been manically scouring for a decent investment is the Internet advertising sector. Many people think that Google, Yahoo etc have wrapped this area up but we believe that there is still room for a player to come into the market and make an impact.

One of the areas that can easily be confused is the 'traffic' networks. Not necessarily advertising but, if you like, a social network of interlinked sites via a widget on your web site.

We recently had 'Blogrush' on our site which purports to be a quality network of blogs swapping traffic. The problem, however, is that this network does not do what it says it does... ie, provide traffic. We trailed it on our site for the last few months and received 1 hit... Not exactly a Blog-Rush more of a Blog-Drip. The owner of the site has made a huge deal about new features and reports that will make the system a lot better and they have started viewing each individual site for 'quality'.

Unfortunately, we here at 'Asset Manager' do not appear to meet the Blogrush quality guidelines. We received an email saying '..your blog did not pass our Quality Review criteria.."

Considering we are syndicated on other sites, have been a regular 'related blogs' site at the Wall Street Journal and appear in the top pages of Google for pretty much anything 'hedge fund' I wonder what their 'quality guidelines' are.

We spent quite a bit of time 'cleaning up' any sites that could appear in our widget, taking out the 'get rich quick' schemes and the illegal HYIPS (High Yield Investment Programs) but got a little bored with adding new sites everyday as we saw them appearing on our site.

This maybe the problem, not so much that we do not meet the 'quality' of BlogRush, sorry BlogDrip, but do not meet the 'quantity' issue. The system will only work if there are a zillion sites allowed to appear anywhere on other sites and those, like ours, that screen for quality are not welcome.

I am afraid then, that BlogRush is just another banner traffic network that will be passed around the low quality sites and, inevitably, will not provide much traffic to anyone... Another one bites the dust.

It brings us back to our point about advertising networks, somewhere out there, there is a giant waiting in the wings. It is a frustrating situation knowing this and not being able to invest, however, we are still searching. After all, you have to kiss many frogs to find a Prince and for us BlogRush is a just a frog.

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