Monday, October 15, 2007

Hedge Fund Manager Toy of The Week..

Reading the FT at the weekend I was inspired to add a new feature to the blog. "Hedge Fund Manager Toy of the week."

For our inaugural award this goes to the Javelin Mark 10. Yes! Your own executive fighter aircraft. Being an ex-RAF engineer and married to a pilot, I am a bit of an aircraft geek so this was a shoe-in for this weeks award..

The jet is an executive jet for one + pilot, of course. It can fly at just under the speed of sound, uses state of the art avionics and has a range of 1,000 miles. A light, quick, fixed wing aircraft, it is powered by two 1,750 lbs thrust turbo fan Williams FJ-33 engines.

It has been designed for wealthy pilots who want the 'fighter jet' experience but also for the business executive who wants to get places alone and in a hurry...

There are, however, no weapons systems and no ejector seat so playing the theme tune from Top Gun while whizzing to a meeting may be a thrill but if 'bogies appear at 12 o'clock' you are on your own..

The accommodation for the business traveller is good.. for a jet fighter. The rear seat is 39in wide at console level and 40in at the shoulders. There is no need for a helmet, G-trousers, side arm, oxygen mask, flame resistant undies or boots, so the Armani suit will not become too creased.

And the price.. £1.5mn.

I can't make up my mind between....

"Dear God

I have tried to be a good man all my life. Thank you for the blessings you have given me and the wonderful family that I have. I thank you for my health and your grace in giving me a career... but, if you are not too busy, could I just ask one small favour...."


"Dear Investors

In an effort to make the process of meeting you all more efficient....."


"My beautiful wife
Understanding your love of flying I have gone the extra mile for your Christmas present, however, we may need to take our son out of school and sell the house..and the car, but for you, my love, no sacrifice is too great..."

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