Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Traders Back To School

In a sea of bad news about the economy, there is a bright spot for the people of metro Atlanta, USA. Online Trading Academy is open and ready to teach experienced traders and novice investors alike what it takes to be consistently successful in a volatile market.

According to Online Trading Academy Atlanta owner, Phil Shafer, it sounds simple, but the way to beat the market is to "not lose money." "We teach people how to analyze trends and recognize patterns, so there are no artificial 'buy orders' and 'stop losses,'" says Shafer. "When you understand how to read the signals of any market, not just the stock market, you can make better decisions. Professionals use these same techniques everyday."

Online Trading Academy offers a range of classes from a free, half-day workshop to a seven-day in-depth training program. Students learn in a state-of-the-art classroom, led by experienced traders, and get hands-on-practice with live trading in a risk-free environment using Online Trading Academy's money.

"The difference between Online Trading Academy and what might be considered our 'competitors' is that we are an actual school with live instructors," says Shafer. "We are not promising get rich quick methods to thousands of people in a hotel ballroom. Our curriculum teaches methodical, disciplined trading techniques - the key to consistent success, not instant wealth."

Interested students can make an appointment with an Education Counselor for an individual consultation about learning opportunities by calling . Or they can attend the half-day workshop for an overview of the curriculum.

"Our mission is to transform lives through financial education. With Online Trading Academy's advanced technology, exceptional teachers, and professional trading guidance, we can help people achieve their personal and financial goals," says Shafer.

We think this is a great idea. If anyone knows of something similar in Europe, let us know and we will do a piece on them.

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